Filming by Nick Malcolm Editing by Stephen Sawchuk

Virtual Las Vegas

A video for a brand-new “virtual Las Vegas” website where users can shop, play, socialize and party online.

‘MUSKET’ (Feature Film)

An idyllic small town is shaken when a ruthless criminal goes on a killing spree, which leads to an unlikely group of locals’ lives intertwining.

Dell ‘Thin & Powerful’ Viral Video

Stephen Sawchuk teamed up with actress Elysia Rotaru and DOP James Choi to create a viral video for Dell’s ‘Thin & Powerful’ campaign. House of Leo’s video got shortlisted and remains one of the most buzzed-about entries!

Behind-the-Scenes: Boudoir Photo Shoot

A behind-the-scenes look at a boudoir photo shoot at the Loden Hotel in downtown Vancouver.

Video Invitation: The Key Marketing

This “video invitation” proved to be an extremely effective method of communicating with clients for The Key Marketing. We live in a day and age where very few people send invitations in the mail, and even fewer people acknowledge their Facebook invites. House of Leo’s first “video invite” project was an enormous success – clients [...]

Jacqueline Conoir 25th Anniversary Fashion Show

Vancouver-based designer Rozemerie Cuevas’ clothing line, Jacqueline Conoir, celebrated its 25th anniversary at Ferrari/Maserati. Rozemerie surprised the audience when she also unveiled a brand-new clothing line, Jac by Jacqueline Conoir.

Wiggle 17 at 560

Wiggle is an annual event that showcases the city’s biggest personalities… and their outrageous wigs and outfits! Drag queens, celebrity impersonators, dancers and fashion shows make for one of Vancouver’s most fabulous events that is sure to entertain! Enjoy some highlights from the 17th annual event here.

Utherverse Virtual Art Event

Software company Utherverse threw an amazing hybrid event at the Yaletown Roundhouse in Vancouver, BC. The party was also broadcast live online, and Utherverse created an identical “virtual party”, where people across the globe could “party online” with their “virtual avatars” and check out the actual artwork that was on display that night! This event [...]

Luvngrace Fashion Show at 560

House of Leo was on location for another fabulous LuvnGrace event!  The night included a fashion show by local designer Nancy Perreault, live art by Jimmy Cummins, and a special performance from Langley-based pop rockers Cruel Young Heart